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MAY '19
# Vote for new features

There will be an update coming soon, so please comment for your most wanted features now and get them as soon as possible.

Well I know the 2 most requested features are download a full playlist and be able to get music video as well, but that wont happen. This service is running on a „cheap“ webhost so i have to manage traffic, get along with the available resources and don’t get in conflict with some copywrite stuff. 

Always remember that it is a full free service without ads!

To give u an impression of what i am thinking about, here are 3 features that i may plan when you want them. 

  • set a password for your archive

  • different data compression methods

  • more quality options for yt videos

  • new Youtube Browser Addon for Chrome and Firefox

If you got other wishes or like one or all oft them please comment below.

Thank you

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