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Here you will always be informed of whats going on with our service. This information is only availabe in English, please respect that and comment only in English.

SEP '20
# Sorry for the downtime

Lately our service was down partly because we got to much traffic from one source. In order to keep the service up and running we had to make some changes.

Please don’t be mad at us if yo...

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FEB '20
# New improved Zipped version online

We had some problems in the past with converting youtube videos to zip files. Our new version has fixed some stuff and added better error handling.

We made major improvements to the backen...

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DEZ '19
# UPDATE FIXED: Problem with Youtube

There was a problem with getting the files, lets hope its fixed now. We still watch and act if necessary.

Fixed error where some videos had no audio source

Thank you

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OCT '19
# FIXED: Problems downloading Youtube Videos

Currently there is a problem downloading Youtube Videos, we will fix it in the next hours, please be patient while we are solving the error.

This error has been fixed.

Thank you

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MAY '19
# Vote for new features

There will be an update coming soon, so please comment for your most wanted features now and get them as soon as possible.

Well I know the 2 most requested features are download a full pl...

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