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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for the most common questions about our Youtube to ZIP / Download to ZIP Service. If you don't find an answer regarding your problem fell free to contact us.

Q: Is this proxy download service really free?
A: Yes, converts YouTube videos and other downloads absolut free into ZIP files! We are able to do this by presenting ads to you during your visit, and would love it if you support the advertisers!
Q: How does work?
A: A simply example how to use can be found here. -> HowTo
Q: What does do?
A: We can perform several tasks. We cover the download of YouTube videos as well as a YouTube proxy service. Apart from YouTube videos, we also support proxy and download renaming files before the actual download.
This means that firewalls and restrictions in schools, at work or in other networks, can be avoided!
We cant support this , and advise against the use of!
Q: How long do i have to wait for the download?
A: We are still in the testing phase, currently there are no restrictions, the speed depends on several factors, including the utilization of our server, the load on the download server etc ..
Q: Can I protect the zip file with a password?
A: It is currently not possible to make Zip file to protect it with a password.
When demand this and other features can be integrated.
I have another question!
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